Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Puffing the life out of the lungs - stylishly

"Cigaratte smoking is injurious to health". First it was only words. Then, for the chosen ignorant, the images also came. Yet, the number of "fashion-chuggers" hasnt seem to come down.

For those who dont know me, I work in an IT-Park (Tidel Park to be precise) in Chennai. With around 12K employees working in about 50 companies, even a small percent will comprise a good enough number to create a smoke screen. I digress.

Coming to the case in point, Tidel Park used to have a "smoking zone" at the western side of their compound. After the State government's law that public places are a "no smoking zone", the banner was removed. Period. End of story. The local management had done it job. Yet the smoking part continued, without the poor banner.

Indians generally apply the following guideline to every law available. "If you are not fined, then you are fine". So, since no one cared to stress that smoking in public is a crime, people happily continue smoking right near the place where the previous "smoking zone" board was kept. (atleast, they are faithful to the location).

Every one of the chuggers know that smoking is slow death. So, basically these nut-cases are in reality attempting suicide, although on a long term basis (hey, I heard someone ask since its long term, does it have tax benefits.. you f*#$@) . Section 309 of the Indian Penal Code says that "attempting suicide is a crime with punishment upto 1 year in prison". So, it will be nice if the authorities actually apply this law to arrest these morons and put them in jail so that passive smoking atleast will reduce. In fact, another IPC section of comitting murder (with poisoning) can be applied to these nincompoops and shove the same cigarette butts in their b*@#.

In my home town, to stop the menace of wall "leakers", the corporation put on a notice on the writing "Here, donkeys urinate". From the next day, the leakage stopped. Maybe something that straightforward needs to be driven into their heads.
Some which I was able to think of
1. Suicide Zone
2. GOBI (Group of Ostrich Brains Idiots)

More welcome!