Friday, April 22, 2005

Home Sweet Home - Part II

My mom took a whole half a day to clean just the TV stand. She went to the extent of using the mud and dust collected as new mud for the potted plant. I jumped at the last minute to rescue the plant from an unintentional murder. Thats one of the biggest disadvantages of having your house near the city's main traffic road. By the time you finish cleaning your second room, the first room is already getting new visitors. The upside is that it keeps you busy and FIT :-)))

The advantage being
a) to get a 'balcony' view of all the accidents taking place in your area,
b) the metro-water carrying mobile murderer waking you up early in the morning and
c) all other licensed killers trying their best during the night.

If, on the other hand, your house is in a bit 'interior' in the area, then driving a car is seen as a scandulous act, given that the road size will be suitable to drive only a single auto. That this size is more than enough for two autos to drive side by side do speak volumes about the other biggest killer roaming free. This ones keeps you inside it and then transmogrifies itself into a 007's support vehicle.

Its a trade-off with regards to the location of the house. A flat system I saw recently is being built in the middle of a once(read recently)-flourishing lake. Hence, the path to the construction site is worse than a WRC course. Of course, the builder will be giving you access with tarred roads. But be sure, he isn't going to spend it from his pocket. Rest assured that the extra amenities in that house will be costing heavens.

Lands purchased near industrial areas do have their set of pros and cons. Pro being that the land value will be a bit cheaper when it comes to building a residential flat. The obvious con being the noise and the culture of the area. Industrial areas
do deliver their part in contaminating the ground water, though not to the extent the corporation does. After all, its their cup of tea (or s***). You cant beat them at their own game.

Houses near the beach in Chennai do cost more with the advantage of getting a good view of the sea and receiving the lion's share of the cool sea breeze. In hindsight, the salt acts as the cigarette of the house. It slowly and surely damages the strucutural strength of the house. Though you won't be short of ground water, you dont always get 'touchable' or edible' ground water there.

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