Friday, August 19, 2005


Meetings - That point of time in life when all those lost sleep pop up at the same time.

Joe's theorm of Meetings
For any given software engineer, micro-organic level of involvement is the maximum requirement to take part in any ongoing discussion at any given point of time during the meeting.

Proof of Theorm
please note this conversation was observed from a software engineer point of vision/hearing
PM: so, blah blah blah.. therefore, blah blah blah.. when do you blah blah blah...
SE: Yes

PM: ok then, blah blah blah.. why, blah blah blah.. when blah blah blah...

SE: this week

PM: so then, blah blah blah.. less blah blah blah... time blah blah blah ...

SE: shall try

PM: so then, blah blah blah.. blah blah blah... blah blah blah...

Hence the theorm is proved.

If you are a junior, this value tends to zero (equal to zero in some cases). The lower the cadre, the more the fun. My favorite part during a meeting is when tea and biscuits are distributed. I normally dont know the status of projects after the meeting, but sure DO know the status of all the biscuits kept in my vicinity.

so with almost nill activity on your part, how are you to spend those hours of gruelling and horrendous techno garb. Here are some ways I found useful and interesting.

1. Practice blogging : Half of this blog is written during one such meet. It was a sad thing that the meeting closed earlier than usual, so my time estimate for completing this blog wasnt upto the mark. But, it sure does pay to increase your vocabulary and fluency in english

2. Caricature : Rather than spending thousands of rupees on courses for animation, you can utilise these times to develop those unused drawing talent. If possible, you can bring various coloured pens to bring out the richness in those art.

3. Puzzles : This will be a runaway success at meetings. Even the easiest of puzzles will become hard during these times, what with the drowsiness being inflicted on you by the ambience of meeting rooms.

4. SuDoKu : The now-becoming-famous puzzle game from HINDU can be a brain racker for those arithmomaniacs. For those GRE-ians, you can go for the regular HINDU crosswords.

5. Poems : Wordsworth, Shelley, and others. They are from the past. You can be the neo world's Wordsworth or a Shelley. You now have the perfect location and situation to write those endearing words of love and pathos waiting to stand the test of time.

6. Sleep : Creativity sure does play its part here. How you sleep, how long you sleep, can be rated to bring you to a pro in sleeping. Sleep baby, sleep.

Anything else to improve the rating of attending meetings are always appreciated.

Ok, gotta go and prepare for my meeting tomorrow. seeya.


Parthiban Sundaram said...
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Parthiban Sundaram said...

Corollary 1:

Involvement is inversely proportional to the number of activities performed by a given software engineer at any time during a meeting.

Left as an exercise to the reader.