Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Chat

This is the full transcript of a discussion between a friend of mine and me over ipmsg . "J" stands for my lines and "X" stands for my friend's lines.

J: -so, both have gone to shanghai? then, shud be possible to get some earphones.

X: both have gone to the same place ;-)

J: okie dokie

X:-so u can very well get good Chinese EarPhones :-)

J: noooooooooooooooooooooooooo.. not chinese...

X:-ahhh.. now u ve turned sensible

J: what.. so, u wont get any good quality earphones from there? i mean branded ones?

X -can get.. i never siad u wont get.
but its highly probable that u end up buying fakes ;-)

J: okok. better not even try then

X -"I can only show u the way.
-The choice is yours Mr Anderson"

J: U know what I will choose. Why ask me. The answer is there.

X: -Im lost..
in the MAtrix ;-)

J: ITs very easy to get lost. You need to choose between the past and the present. The future leads automatically.

X: -No.. I disagree..
-Past is leaves u not a chance for a choice..
-the choice is when u move from preset to future.

J: The past is what you were. Present is What you are, as a result of what you were.
The choice you made because of the past is what makes the present.
Based on the choice of the past or the present determines your future.
If the past choice and the present are the same, your future is already decided.

X: -No...No.. No..
- In the past u have done something , the result of whic is ur present.Agreed Fully..
-this is because u did stick on to a choice u made..
-this lead u to what ur today.
-Now life gives u new choices.. not entangled with the chices u made in the past..
-here is where u can change ur present..
-get out of the conventions.. clear your on paths..
-but let me tell u this path is not Rosy..
-traps are there all around that make u fell Booby...

J: Agreed.
-Now life gives u new choices.. not entangled with the choices u made in the past..
I have a disparity here. Life gives you new choices based on the choices you made in the past.
Its these choices which bring about new choices.
If you are going to choose the same old choices you made in the past, that is NOT going to lead you to newer avenues.

X: -What ur telling me is how it has happend to the majority on this present world..
-and its that majority's decison that ur trying to support.
-i think i need some time to put what i want to put down the way i want it to be put.
-.. " Ill be back" ;-)

J: Astala vista baby... ;-)

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