Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sillunu Oru Movie

I'd really love a home-theatre room full with a 20K Lumin projector and a 7.1 surround effect in my house. Given the rates at which these stuff come nowadays, and to avoid getting murdered by my wife (for just thinking of it), I am contented with a 1000 sq. ft entry in the CMDA to my credit. Now, comes the good part. Coupled with the 250 odd houses in our community is an open air theatre which saw the light of a film projector on 4th Feb, 2007.

The TVH Builders management decided to host an evening party along with screening of a tamil movie. They decided on "Sillunu Oru Kadhal" with Jyothika and Surya in their last movie as lovers in real life before they tied the knot in what was seen as a much awaited and talked about wedding attended by almost all cine personalities including the CM/ex-CM of tamil nadu.

Coming to the matter at hand, the screening was scheduled at 1800 hours. True to the "fresh" culture of TVH Park Villa, many of the residents started gathering at the open air theatre at around 1800 hours and kinda completed gathering by around 1830 hours. Now, it so happened that the audience was ready for the movie, but the projecter wasnt. It decided to be snobbish about running with 25 high pitched power packed kids around it.

After fixing the technical snob with the projector, the movie finally started by 1900 hours. Since, I had seen that movie enough number of times to actually recite the scenes and dialogues, I went in a bit late. The management had arranged for good speakers, and in spite of the open air system, the sound quality was better than the drive-in theatres around the city. I saw some "balcony" seat viewers from the neighboring houses. Lucky for them, they get to see free movies for which we need to pay.

The food arranged was a buffet system and had both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, although only 2 dishes were there to support the non-veg team. Arranged from good caterers, the quality of the food was decent and enjoyable. The whole community had a gala mood that evening. The movie ended at exactly 2200 hours. Most of the crowd had stayed on despite the cold climate to complete the reels before returning home. All in all, a good evening. I wish this community feeling goes longer than I hope it will.

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