Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mokkai Podathey

The cast read like this.
Movie : Satham Podathey
Director : Vasanth
Hero : Prithviraj
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja

So, here I was waiting for the show to begin. The theatre is almost full (mainly becos, there is a India-Pakistan Twenty20 Match going on right now). I must iterate here that I am a big fan of Yuvan, and so was expecting a good output in the background score.

The gist goes something like this; Nitin is such a seasoned drinker that he has become a "senior citizen" in his 20s. So, he shouldnt be getting married. But, driven by the "manly" powers, he cheats Navya's family into marrying him. And later, the family finds out. Divorce happens. By this time, major part of first half is over. Now, comes Prithviraj and they love and marry. But, the villain is not to be left alone. So, what happens forms the second part.

The moment the movie started with Nitin Sathya approaching the heroine's family and getting married to Padma Priya. The first 5 minutes were engrossing, but after that I wished I was home watching the match. I was not able to judge the winner of the "most painful feature" in the movie. The contestants were the cinematography, screenplay and choreography.

I couldnt decipher the idea of projecting prithviraj as the hero of the movie. The director could have as well put him in the "guest performance" role and put Nitin as the hero/anti-hero. I heard Padma Priya got dehydrated most of the days during shooting becos of the amount of crying and shouting she had to do. Anyways, the one point I wanted to enjoy was the background score. It was awful. The score was ok. But, coupled with the horrific screenplay, it rarely matched the on-screen proceedings. I think yuvan must have had simliar pains when he saw the movie for background score.

The only hightlight of the movie was the audience. We had a good percentage of young guys in the cinema hall. Their comments and feedback over the course of the movie was what pulled us through till the end. I however started having a headache as soon as the second half started, and my wife and I had to rush out at the fag end of the movie to save our lives. Choreography was done in such a way that even prabhu deva would have looked like a bad dancer.

This movie taught me a lesson NOT to go to a movie just based on technicians' skillset. And for giving such a good lesson, I give it ONE star.

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