Saturday, October 15, 2011

The 90s and tamil movies

The 90s tamil movies with "certified" heroes came in many categories. I was able to make out three distinct ones. The major league players were (and are) the ever-impressive kamal, and the one man powerhouse, Rajni. Next came the crop of 'new' heroes. The marble-garble dialogue hero Karthik, the budding 'thala' Ajith and the ever extended hands (it would have made no difference if they were precast with PoP) of ilayathalavali, er, ilayathalapathy Vijay.

And then, there was the un-tamilistically tall Sathyaraj talking the same dialogue in different dresses and locations, one-dress one-location one-story only RajKiran, and the ever-lover boy Murali.

The third is the special cases. By cases, I mean, real gone cases.
First is the ever angry, always corrupt-free, "pure" minded, sociopathic, i mean, socialistic Vijaykanth; and last, but NEVER EVER the least, (drum roll please) the only colourful hero, everyone's favorite, ultimate action-sequence star, Mr. Pasunesan, who goes by the name of Ramarajan. His vocal affinity towards the bovine fraternity was so much that during one particular sequence of discussion between him and an Ox, he gave a choice between him singing or the Ox giving milk. He won. To this date, the medical field has been flabbergasted into submission over that incident.

Oh, talking of songs. Every hero group had its own set of "hero" song. The major league players doled out advice, the centre crop had a song that discussed the eternal attraction of youth to drinks, two-piece wielding one-song girls, and words that were understood only by the Omaticaya clan. And the special category... well... you know... they sing... song.... around tree barks, in parks, cycle stands, under corporation pumps... well, basically things that inspired Sam Anderson to become a hero, you get the drift, don't you.

Atleast the 'hero' songs of those years had unadulterated crap that the youth generally were prone for. But, soon the stalwarts of tamil moviedom with their ecclesial mission changed all that. All it took was a 7 digit bank balance, and an association with the then ruling party. After that, you have virtually every right in the world to have your own build-up song. A song where you (no matter how teensy weensy your height and brain are) can go all bernard shaw to the un-assuming family who had come to live out the misery.

Yes, the 90s were fun... I miss them...

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